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RKO Pictures Original Italian 39x55 Poster Folded Very Fine Condition Stone lithograph

RKO Pictures Original Italian 39x55 (two-foglio) poster for the Lee Sholem directed Tarzan movie, TARZAN AND THE SLAVE GIRL. And how fortunate you would be to have a slave girl like beautiful Vanessa Brown. But then she would also get the most urbane Tarzan imaginable, Lex Barker. After all, he was in LA DOLCE VITA (1960). The film stars Brown and Barker as well as Robert Alda, Robert Warwick, George Magrill and Denise Darcel. Ed Stephan, writing at the IMDB, says "The Lionians are a tribe dying of a mysterious disease. Their Chief decides to kidnap Jane and Lola, a half-breed nurse, in order to help repopulate his civilization. Tarzan must rescue them while fending off blowgun attacks from people called the Waddies who are disguised as bushes." There you have the plot, but this poster of is plot-free, just Tarzan and Jane -- and Cheetah - on guard. Beautiful. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is the authentic U.S. poster

Vanessa Brown - Actor
LEE SHOLEM - Director
Lex Barker - Actor
Robert Alda - Actor
Robert Warwick - Actor
George Magrill - Actor
Denise Darcel - Actor

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