THAT DARN CAT (1965) 24782

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Walt Disney Company Original Translucent 30x40 Poster. Rolled. Unusual Live Action Disney Poster. Fine Condition.

Original Walt Disney Productions 30x40 Poster for the Robert Stevenson comedy thriller, THAT DARN CAT! (1965) starring Haley Mills, Dean Jones, Dorothy Provine, and Roddy McDowall. This film is the first and one of the funniest in a series of human/animal caper films. D.C. ("Darn Cat") is a clever and precocious Siamese who is forever getting into mischief and becomes the unsuspecting witness to a bank robbery and the kidnapping of a bank teller. The film is a delight to view on multiple levels. Children are entertained and understand exactly what's going on, while adults marvel at the cat tricks and the hilarious situations created in the unfolding of the story. This original 30x40 poster is double-sided, printed on heavy stock, rolled, and in fine condition.

Hayley Mills - Actor
Dean Jones - Actor
Dorothy Provine - Actor
Roddy McDowall - Actor
Neville Brand - Actor
Elsa Lanchester - Actor
William Demarest - Actor
Frank Gorshin - Actor
Grayson Hall - Actor
Ed Wynn - Actor

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