TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH (1949) 11888

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Original Italian Re-release Due Folio Poster (39x55). Fair condition.

Original Italian Folio/2 Sheet Poster (39x55) for the Henry King war drama, TWELVE O'CLOCK HIGH (1949) starring Gregory Peck, Hugh Marlowe, Gary Merrill, and Dean Jagger. This well-crafted film is about a tough-as-nails general who takes over a bomber pilot unit suffering from low morale and whips them into shape. Many people consider this film to be the best movie about World War II. Gregory Peck sited the film as one of the four best of his carreer. It depicts the extremely hazardous daytime bombing raid over Germany. The Brits preferred nighttime raids, but the Americans believed the daytime raids would be more precise. But these dangerous missions placed terrible human pressures on the young American pilots. The film included actual air combat footage shot over Europe during the daylight operations. The film was nominated for Best Picture and Gregory Peck was nominated for Best Actor. The film won the Oscar for Best Sound, and Dean Jagger won for Best Supporting Actor. This poster needs linen-backing and it is priced accordingly.

Gregory Peck - Actor
HENRY KING 1 - Director
Gary Merrill - Actor
Dean Jagger - Actor
Hugh Marlowe - Actor
Millard Mitchell - Actor
Jay Novello - Actor
Paul Stewart - Actor

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