TWO LOST WORLDS (1951) 7113

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Eagle-Lion Original One Sheet Poster 27x41 Folded Very Good Condition Theater-Used

This dinosaur sci-fi fest had no dinosaurs in it until the last reel of the picture -- and even then they were imported from another film ONE MILLION B.C. The movie was released at almost the very beginning of the science fiction era of the 1950s. Notable for being the first film appearance of James Arness, who would later go on to TV immortality as Marshall Matt Dillon on CBS' GUNSMOKE series. The picture was directed by Norman Dawn. this poster was used in a theater, and has some masking tape on the reverse side of the poster. There are some small holes in the fold area. Colors are bright. We have graded the poster as very good. MovieArt does not sell reproductions. Vintage, authentic

James Arness - Actor
NORMAN DAWN - Director
Gloria Petroff - Actor
Bill Kennedy - Actor
Kasey Rogers - Actor

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