UNHOLY WIFE, THE (1957) 23037

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Italian RKO Release 39x55 Linen backed Very Fine Plus

Original RKO Italian 39x55 for the John Farrow crime thriller, THE UNHOLY WIFE (1957) starring Diana Dors, Rod Steiger, Tom Tryon, and Beulah Bondi. Made in the final days of RKO, this lurid thriller is complete with a trashy rodeo hick and a host of lusty barfly floozies. Dors starts out high-strung and abrasive and then mellows out into a conflicted trophy wife maneuvered into homicide less out of greed or lust than by stifling boredom. This Italian poster is the piece de resistance poster for this film worldwide. Even though the U.S. one sheet is quite good, here she is: English Bombshell DeLuxe. Art by Olivetti.

Beulah Bondi - Actor
JOHN FARROW - Director
Tom Tryon - Actor
Rod Steiger - Actor
Diana Dors - Actor
Luis Van Rooten - Actor
Arthur Franz - Actor
Marie Windsor - Actor

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