VENDETTA (1950) 21281

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Three Sheet Poster. Very Fine Condition. Unbacked.

Original RKO Pictures Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Mel Ferrer crime drama, VENDETTA (1950) starring Faith Domergue, George Dolenz, and Donald Buka. The story takes place in a French-controlled Corsican village in 1825. Colomba della Rabia (Domergue) wants her brother Orso (Dolenz) to avenge the murder of their by the powerful Barracini family. Orso, a man of peace and reason, opposes the practice of vendetta and revenge. Finally, however, Colomba convinces Orso to challenge Vincente Barracini to a duel. When Orso heads to the appointed place, Colomba finds out that the Barracini brothers are planning to ambush him, and she rides out to warn him. In the confrontation, Colomba is shot and dies in Orso's arms, the Barracinis are killed, and Orso is wounded. Orso now realizes that he must break this cycle of vendetta and revenge and guide his people to a better way of life. Howard Hughes produced the film as a vehicle for his new discovery Faith Domergue, and he had at least five different directors work on the picture beginning in 1946. Some were fired or quit because of Hughes' interference. Some were hired only to shoot retakes or small bits of new footage. By 1950 the costs had ballooned to over $4 million, a huge amount for a film at that time and never recovered in box office receipts. This original three sheet poster is folded and in very good condition. This poster is a great candidate for linen backing and would be beautiful backed. RKO posters from this era are some of their best.

Faith Domergue - Actor
MEL FERRER - Director
George Dolenz - Actor
Joseph Calleia - Actor
Robert Warwick - Actor
Hillary Brooke - Actor
Nigel Bruce - Actor

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