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Svensk Filmindustri Italian Quattro 79X55 Folded Art by Rene

Gorgeous Italian Quattro (79x55) for one of the most famous of all the Ingmar Bergman films, THE VIRGIN SPRING. Starring Max Von Sydow, Birgitta Pettersson, Birgitta Valberg and Gunnel Lindblom. Here is a plot summary of the film extracted from the Internet Movie Database: The Virgin Spring tells the story, set in medieval Sweden, of a prosperous Christian whose daughter, Karin (Birgitta Pettersson) is appointed to take candles to the church. Karin is accompanied by her pregnant foster sister, Ingeri (Gunnel Lindblom), who secretly worships the Norse deity Odin. Along their way through the forest on horseback, the two part, and Karin sets out on her own. Ingeri encounters a one-eyed man at a stream-side mill, converses briefly with him, and then flees in terror. Karin meets three herdsmen (two men and a boy), and invites them to eat her lunch with her. Eventually, the two older men rape and murder Karin (while Ingeri watches from a hidden distance). The trio then leave the scene with Karin's clothing. The herders then, unknowingly, seek shelter at the home of the murdered girl. Her parents, played by Max von Sydow and Birgitta Valberg, discover that the goat herders murdered their daughter when the goat herders offer to sell Karin's clothes to her mother. In a rage, the father locks the trio in the chamber and kills them. The next day, the parents set out to find their daughter's body, with the help of Ingeri. Her father vows that, although he cannot understand why God would allow such a thing to happen, he will build a church at the site of his daughter's death because his conscience is forcing him to atone. As her parents lift her head from the ground, a spring begins to flow from where she was lying. Her sister Ingeri then begins to wash herself with the water, and Karin's parents clean her muddied face. The poster is printed on two different panels, even though it is referred to as an Italian four sheet. Condition is used, fine plus to very fine.

Max Von Sydow - Actor
Brigitta Valberg - Actor
Gunnel Lindblom - Actor

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