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Original RKO Six Sheet Poster (81x81). WEDNESDAY'S CHILD. Unbacked. Very Fine Plus.

Original RKO Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the John S. Robertson drama, WEDNESDAY'S CHILD (1934) starring Karen Morley, Edward Arnold, Frankie Thomas, and Robert Shayne. In this family melodrama, Thomas plays a boy caught in the middle of a messy divorce of his parents. But try as he might, he cannot adjust to this new situation and becomes more and more depressed. While divorce and a child's adjustment to it are common topics today, in 1934 this story was controversial, near scandalous. WEDNESDAY'S CHILD was originally a play, and Frank Thomas played the child on Broadway. RKO quickly optioned the play, which was written by Leopold Atlas, for a film. Atlas continued writing for the screen. Frankie Thomas, who is pictured large on this huge poster, went on to create a memorable science fiction character for TV - Tom Corbett (TOM CORBETT'S SPACE CADETS). This original six sheet poster is a beautiful RKO stone lithograph - unbacked but in very fine plus condition. Six sheets are large format posters. Most of them are printed on four separate panels which are joined together to make one poster. These spectacularly large posters continued to be produced until about 1980 when they disappeared with the advent of the multiplex theaters. At one time they were they were a spectacular form of film advertising for large downtown theaters. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster to be the authentic six sheet for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions. Six sheets can be linen-backed; ask us about poster conservation services.

Karen Morley - Actor
Edward Arnold - Actor
Frankie Thomas - Actor
Robert Shayne - Actor
Frank Conroy - Actor

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