ZERO DE CONDUITE (1933) 24749

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Original 1946 Re-Release French Grande Poster (47x63). Folded. Very Good.

Original 1946 Re-Release French Grande Poster (47x63) for the Jean Vigo comedy short, ZERO DE CONDUITE (ZERO FOR CONDUCT) (1933) starring Jean Daste, Robert le Flon, and Louis Lefebvre. Banned in France until well after World War II, this film tells the story of a band of miscreants, who plot to stage a rebellion on the day of an alumni event at the repressive boarding school they attend. The film was in part based on the life experiences of director Vigo, who was the son of an anarchist militant who died in jail and was abandoned by his mother at age twelve, passing from one boarding school to another throughout his childhood. This original French re-release poster is folded and in very good condition.

JEAN VIGO - Director

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