ANZIO (1968) 16750

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Columbia Pictures 24 sheet poster. Exterior billboard. 9 x 20 feet. Good condition.

Original 24 sheet or billboard poster for Edward Dmytryk's World War II action film ANZIO. This is a huge poster format - the 24 sheet - which was typically seen as outdoor advertising. Twenty four sheets for individual films are generally very scarce because they were either used, in which case they were used (de facto destroyed) or discarded after a films first-run. A relatively small number have survived. ANZIO starred Robert Mitchum, Peter Falk, Earl Holliman, Mark Damon, Arthur Kennedy and Robert Ryan. Condition is good. There are some stains in the white area and the poster was folded obviously. These posters can actually be linen-backed. Ask us about poster restoration and conservation.

Robert Mitchum - Actor
Peter Falk - Actor
Mark Damon - Actor
Earl Holliman - Actor
Reni Santoni - Actor
Anthony Steel - Actor
Arthur Kennedy - Actor
Robert Ryan - Actor
Patrick Magee - Actor

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