BEAT THE BAND (1947) 19462

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RKO Original One Sheet Poster 27x41 Folded Fine Condition

This 1947 musical film starred Frances Langford. Frances Langford was a good singer who was part of Bob Hope's World War II era entourage visiting troops stationed around the world. She was beloved by G.I.s for her attractive looks, her voice and her down-to-earth persona. Many of the experiences of being on the road with the these tours are related in Zoglin's biography of Bob Hope called simply HOPE. Also appearing in this post-war movie was drummer Gene Krupa, playing himself. The movie was directed by John H. Auer. The poster is folded, and was probably theater-used. Nice painterly portrait of singer Langford. Fine Condition

JOHN H. AUER - Director
Frances Langford - Actor
Ralph Edwards - Actor
Phillip Terry - Actor
Gene Krupa - Actor
Ellen Corby - Actor
Frank Darien - Actor
Johnny Duncan - Actor
Diane Jergens - Actor

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