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Allied Artists Original Six Sheet Poster (81x81) Folded Very Good to Fine Condition

Original Allied Artists Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Irwin Allen produced circus film THE BIG CIRCUS (1959) starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Rhonda Fleming, Victor Mature, Gilbert Roland, Kathryn Grant and Red Buttons. The film was directed by Joseph M. Newman. This movie has always taken a back seat to DeMille's THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) and that's understandable. But this movie is entertaining in its own right. It's a little racier, a little more modern and has great widescreen cinematography (CinemaScope) by Winton Hoch. THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH always harkens back to the forties in terms of the general production of the film in our book. This picture has a more international flavor also and the cast is fine. That's David Nelson on the poster (Rick's big brother) partnering with Kathryn Grant (married to Bing Crosby at the time) on the trapeze. There is lots of melodrama and even a circus disaster or two. (Allen would go on to produce of the biggest movies of the disaster-movie craze of the seventies.) And there's a redhead to liven things up: Rhonda Fleming. This poster is scarce in this format and it is a LARGE format poster. Six sheets are printed on four separate panels and those panels are joined together to make one big poster. This poster was used in a theater decades ago and has been stored folded. Yet the poster is in pretty decent condition all things considered. We are grading it very good to fine. This poster would benefit from linen-backing and would look very nice if done by a competent restorer. Ask us about poster conservation services. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is the authentic U.S. six sheet for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

Steve Allen - Actor
Vincent Price - Actor
Peter Lorre - Actor
Rhonda Fleming - Actor
Victor Mature - Actor
Gilbert Roland - Actor
Kathryn Grant - Actor
Red Buttons - Actor
James Nolan - Actor

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