BORN TO BE LOVED (1959) 27619 Movie Poster (27x41) Carol Morris Barbara Jo Allen Hugo Haas

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Universal Pictures Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Folded Fine Plus Condition Canadian Censor Stamp

Universal Pictures Original One-Sheet Poster (27x41), folded, for the Hugo Haas directed film BORN TO BE LOVED (1959). The movie was directed by Hugo Haas. It starred Carol Morris and Barbara Joe Allen. Also look for a performance by that great thespian, Vera Vague! The tagline on the poster says "She was born to be loved but afraid to try." And look for the eager middle-aged man who wanted to "help." We've seen him before. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is authentic, vintage. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions. Please note the presence of a Province of Quebec censor stamp.

HUGO HAAS - Actor/Director
Carol Morris - Actor
Barbara Jo Allen - Actor

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