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20th Century Fox Original U.S. Title Lobby Card (11x14) Fine Plus Condition

20th Century Fox Original Title Lobby Card (11x14) for the Edward Dmytryk film BROKEN LANCE (1954), a CinemaScope film starring Spencer Tracy, Richard Widmark, Robert Wagner, Jean Peters, Katy Jurado, E.G. Marshall, Hugh O'Brian and Earl Holliman. This film is a remake of sorts of an Edward G. Robinson film HOUSE OF STRANGERS (1949). The characters are turned into cowboys and the film is set in the west. It's an turbulent story of families and second families, caucasians and native Americans, and big ranching. The story, by Phillip Yordan, won an Academy Award. The film has sweep and dramatic intensity. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this title card is an authentic, vintage title card for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions

Richard Widmark - Actor
Jean Peters - Actor
Robert Wagner - Actor
Spencer Tracy - Actor
Katy Jurado - Actor
E.G. Marshall - Actor
Hugh O'Brian - Actor
Earl Holliman - Actor
Philip Ober - Actor
Carl Benton Reid - Actor
Eduard Franz - Actor
Robert Burton - Actor
Nacho Galindo - Actor

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