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BUTTERFIELD 8 Original French Grande Poster (47x63). Stone Lithograph. Roger Soubie Artwork. Very Fine Condition.

Original French Grande Poster (47x63) for the Daniel Mann drama, BUTTERFIELD 8 (1960) starring Elizabeth Taylor, Laurence Harvey, and Eddie Fisher. Elizabeth Taylor was facing the scorn of a nation - for "stealing" Debbie Reynold's husband Eddie Fisher - when MGM decided to cash in on the scandal and make Taylor take this role of bad-girl-from-hell as the final film in her contract to the studio. Taylor purportedly hated the movie, but it turned out to be Gold for her. The film is adapted from John O'Hara's prohibition-era novel about a high class call-girl. But in this film, set contemporaneously, Elizabeth Taylor plays a hard-drinking, sexed-up, bed-hopping model, who gets her kicks from seducing and then dumping one man after another. Taylor always complained that the film was a total piece of trash. But her over-the-top performance was just what the role required and won her the first of her two Oscars for Best Actress. What is unfathomable is how anyone could be interested in cold-fish Laurence Harvey. When Taylor grinds her stiletto heels into Harvey's toes, we cheer. Elizabeth's best line in the film: "I'm not like anyone; I'm me." Truer words were never spoken. BUTTERFIELD 8 is a true Movieart favorite. This beautiful French 47x63 is a wonderful example of stone lithography with art is by Roger Soubie and is in very fine condition. This poster should be linen backed because of fold separations at the intersections which could be enlarged if the poster is not handled with care. The integrity of the paper, however, is quite nice.

Dame Elizabeth Taylor - Actor
Eddie Fisher - Actor
Dina Merrill - Actor
Betty Field - Actor
Mildred Dunnock - Actor
Jeffrey Lynn - Actor
Kay Medford - Actor
Susan Oliver - Actor
George Voskovec - Actor

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