CALYPSO HEAT WAVE (1957) 15052 Movie Posters Lobby Card Set Eight 11x14 Cards Merry Anders Joel Grey Alan Arkin Johnny Desmond Fred F. Sears

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Columbia Pictures Original Lobby Card Set (11x14) Eight Cards Fine Plus Condition Canadian Censor Stamp Present

Full lobby card set for the Columbia Pictures film CALYPSO HEAT WAVE (1957). Calypso was popular in the late fifites as performers emerged from the Carribean areas from which it came. Harry Belafonte was one of the most famous of these singers. But a then unknown dancer named Maya Angelou appeared in the film and she is seen on the card that is pictured. Even though we have pictured only one card, if you will email us, we can send you photos of the entire group of eight cards, including the title card. The film also features Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders, Meg Myles and Michael Granger. There are cards in the group of other musical acts: The Hi-Los, The Treniers, folk group The Tarriers. Also look for a card of the very young Joel Grey. MovieArt Austin guarantees these card to be an authentic set of lobby cards for this film. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE CARDS WERE FOUND IN CANADA AND THEY HAVE PROVINCE OF QUEBEC CENSOR STAMPS ON EACH CARD. It is possible to remove these censor stamps usually with proper conservation methods if desired.

FRED F. SEARS - Director
Merry Anders - Actor
Joel Grey - Actor
Johnny Desmond - Actor
Gil Perkins - Actor
Paul Langton - Actor

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