CASTILIAN, THE (1963) 21840

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Original Warner Brothers Window Card (14x22). Very Fine.

Original Warner Brothers Window Card (14x22) for the Javier Seto historical drama, THE CASTILIAN (1963) starring Espartaco Santoni, Frankie Avalon, and Cesar Romero. This Spanish historical film retells the legend of Fernan Gonzalez (Santoni), who led the first successful resistance to the Moors in 10th century Spain. While the film takes great liberties in historical accuracy, the acting is good and the cinematography is interesting because the film was shot at actual Spanish battle locations. This original window card is in very fine condition.

JAVIER SETO - Director
Cesar Romero - Actor
Frankie Avalon - Actor
VALLI - Actor
Fernando Rey - Actor
Broderick Crawford - Actor

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