CHAIN LIGHTNING (1950) 28502 Original Painting by Alfredo Capitani Signed

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Original Painting for Italian Poster Art by Alfredo Capitani (19x26) Fine Condition

This is not a movie poster, but rather it is the original painting that was used for the Italian four foglio poster for CHAIN LIGHTNING (1950). The actual poster that was derived from this art measured approximately 54 x 78 inches. This qualifies as a four foglio, which is nominally 55x79. CHAIN LIGHTNING (1950) was directed by Stuart Heisler and starred Bogart, Eleanor Parker, Raymond Massey, Richard Whorf and James Brown. It is certainly an atypical role for Humphrey Bogart, but there can be no doubt that in 1950 Bogart was an international star of the first order. The drama unfolds in the period just prior to the beginning of space exploration. Bogart is a test pilot for jet aircraft. Eleanor Parker is his romantic interest. An excellent overview of this film is available at the American Film Institutes' website. The illustrations for the American posters for this film are bland, but not this spectacular painting of Bogart face superimposed over the earth and stars, jet planes streaming upward. Here is an example of the imaginative approach of the Italian artists. Alfredo Capitani is one of the most revered. The painting is executed in gouache, and bears Capitani's signature in the upper left hand corner. Minor tears and signs of age, but really in quite good condition. There are a couple of instances of archival tissue on the reverse side. This painting was offered for the first time in the United States by Heritage Auctions in the spring of 2019 and acquired by MovieArt Austin.

Humphrey Bogart - Actor
Eleanor Parker - Actor
Raymond Massey - Actor
James Brown 1 - Actor
Roy Roberts - Actor
Morris Ankrum - Actor
Fay Baker - Actor
Claudia Barrett - Actor
John Crawford - Actor
Franklyn Farnum - Actor
Creighton Hale - Actor
Bill Kennedy - Actor

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