CHINA GATE (1957) 23254

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Original 20th Century-Fox Half Sheet Poster (22x28). Very Fine.

Original 20th Century-Fox Half Sheet Poster (22x28) for the Samuel Fuller war drama, CHINA GATE (1957) starring Gene Barry, Angie Dickinson, Nat ÒKingÓ Cole, and Paul Dubov. The action of this film takes place during the earlier French involvement in the Viet Nam conflict. Dickinson plays Lucky Legs, a Eurasian born woman that marries and then is abandoned by Barry, after the birth of their son who looks too Asian for confirmed racist Barry. Lucky is recruited to guide a small team of men to the China Gate, where the communists have amassed a large amount of war material. Cole, the very popular and iconic singer of the period, gives a rare dramatic performance and steals the show. He also sings the title song twice during the film. This original half sheet poster is in very fine condition.

Gene Barry - Actor
Angie Dickinson - Actor
Nat "King" Cole - Actor
Lee Van Cleef - Actor
James Hong - Actor

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