DR. NO (1962) 30927 Movie Poster Italian 39x55 First Release Sean Connery as James Bond Ursula Andress Jack Lord Joseph Wiseman Terence Young

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Original Italian 39x55 Poster Linen Backed Fine Condition

Original United Artists Italian 39x55 two-foglio poster, linen-backed in fine plus condition, for the Terrence Young spy thriller, DR. NO (1962), starring Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, and Joseph Wiseman. This was the first James Bond feature film, and it profited from the author Ian Fleming being greatly involved in the production. There is no overload of explosions or special effects. The plot can be told clearly, taken seriously, and enjoyed from start to finish. DR. NO set the standards, albeit on a limited budget, for the entire series. Connery's brilliant use of charm, coolness, and cruelty truly defined the Bond character, and his portrayal of the modern spy is a wonderful alloy of mayhem and wit. The film was a box office smash success and vindicated the studio's decision to sign the unknown Connery. This is a nice example of the poster. It was backed in Europe and is nicely mounted. The poster was backed, but there was no direction to cosmetize every small defect. There is some border restoration, and scurtinizing the poster one can see that some tape was removed at one point. Nevertheless, the overall quality of the poster is quite nice. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic Italian 39x55 for this film. The art by by Averardo Ciriello. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Sir Sean Connery - Actor
Ursula Andress - Actor
Jack Lord - Actor
Joseph Wiseman - Actor
Lois Maxwell - Actor
Desmond Llewelyn - Actor
Bernard Lee - Actor
Anthony Dawson - Actor

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