DUO MING JIN JIAN (1971) 27990

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Original Italian 4 Fogli Poster (55x79). Folded. Fine Condition.

Original Italian 4 Fogli Poster (55x79) for the Feng Huang action adventure, DUO MING JIN JIAN (1971) [English Title: THE FAST SWORD] [Italian Title: FURIA GIALLA] starring Yi Chang, Hsiang Chin Han, and Chun Shih. The film tells the story of a man who confronts and kills the returning warlord who killed his father and blinded his mother. He is arrested for his actions but eventually forms a partnership with the same man who arrested him to battle another warlord who is trying to control the area. Art by R. Casaro. This original Italian poster is folded and in fine condition. MovieArt sells vintage, authentic, real film posters. No reproductions.

FENG HUANG - Director
YI CHANG - Actor

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