ELEPHANT MAN, THE (1980) 4339

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Original German Set of 12 Black and White Stills (9x12). Very Fine Condition.

Original German Set of 12 Black and White Stills (9x12) for the David Lynch biographical drama, THE ELEPHANT MAN (1980) starring John Hurt, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins and Anne Bancroft. A highly honored film which tells the story of Joseph Merrick (in the film he is John Merrick), a severely disfigured man who lived in London in the nineteenth century. Merrick becomes something of a celebrity, attracting attention wanted and unwanted. The incredibly complex makeup applied to John Hurt was developed by Christopher Tucker. The recognition of the art of makeup was really spurred by this film, and the following year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added an Oscar category for makeup. This original set of B&W stills are in very fine condition.

DAVID LYNCH - Director
Sir John Hurt - Actor
Sir John Gielgud - Actor
Sir Anthony Hopkins - Actor

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