EROTIC TOUCH OF HOT SKIN, THE (1964) 11988 Sexploitation Movie Poster

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Audobon Pictures Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Folded

Original U.S. Movie Poster for the Max Pecas directed sexploitation movie THE EROTIC TOUCH OF HOT SKIN (1964). This is a French (of course) film entitled LA BAIE DUDESIR, released in France originally by Unicite Films. The French would call this an art film, but in the naughty-centric America of the 1960s, prurience was the stock-in-trade for these types of films. The movie starred Fabienne Dali, Sophie Hardy and Jean Valmont. Quite a cast. The movie was distributed in the United States by smutmeister Radley H. Metzger. Please note the chip out of the left border. We have graded this poster in average used condition, fair to good. Ask us about poster restoration services. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas guarantees that this poster is an authetic, vintage poster for this movie. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

MAX PECAS - Director

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