ESCAPADE IN JAPAN (1957) 26782 Italian Movie Poster (39x55) Teresa Wright Cameron Mitchell Jon Provost Roger Nakagawa

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RKO Pictures Original Italian 39x55 Folded Very Fine Condition

Original RKO Italian 39x55 for the Arthur Lubin film ESCAPADE IN JAPAN (1957) starring Teresa Wright, Cameron Mitchell, Philip Ober, Roger Nakagawa and Jon Provost. One of several post-World War II films about the relations between the Japanese and the Americans. This one in the disquise of a family adventure film. An American boy, played by Jon Provost (who would so go on to appear in seven seasons as Timmy Martin in TV's LASSIE) and a Japanese boy, played by Roger Nakagawa become friends and go on the run, meeting interesting people along the way and discovering that they are not so different. The plot is a little more complicated than that, but that's it in a nutshell. The film is helped along by Teresa Wright, who is never unwelcome in anything. This is a 39x55 for the film's first release in Japan. The artist is unknown. Condition is very fine and the poster is folded. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is authentic, vintage and original to the first Italian release. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions. International poster on the title have proven to be scarce.

Teresa Wright - Actor
Cameron Mitchell - Actor
Jon Provost - Actor
Philip Ober - Actor

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