FOUNTAINHEAD, THE (1949) 22509 Movie Poster (27x41) Gary Cooper Patricia Neal Film directed by King Vidor

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Warner Brothers Original U.S. One Sheet Poster 27x41 Unbacked. Very Fine Condition

Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster for the Warner Brothers film THE FOUNTAINHEAD starring Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal. Director King Vidor was tapped to bring Ayn Rand's novel to the screen. This might have been more easily said than done, and the movie relies more on the potboiler passions between Cooper and Neal. In life as well as on the screen, they were carrying on - dare we say - a torrid affair. And torrid is certainly the emotional note that we get on the one-sheet. This poster is folded and is in very fine condition.

Gary Cooper - Actor
KING VIDOR - Director
Patricia Neal - Actor
Raymond Massey - Actor
Kent Smith - Actor
Robert Douglas - Actor
Henry Hull - Actor
Ray Collins - Actor
William Haade - Actor
Russell Hicks - Actor
John Doucette - Actor

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