GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN, THE (1918) 30966 Movie Poster Rare Original U.S. Six Sheet

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Original U.S. Six-Sheet (81x81) Linen-Backed

Original World Six Sheet Poster (81x81) for the Willis O'Brien film THE GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN (1918). This stop-motion dinosaur movie was an early example of stop-motion animation. O'Brien was a model maker and he had created a short film called THE DINOSAUR AND THE MISSING LINK. This short film was viewed by none other than Thomas A. Edison. Edison was so impressed with O'Brien's talent that he hired him to make a series of films with these same prehistoric motifs. It wasn't long before another producer Herbert Dawley hired O'Brien to make a longer film with these same techniques. THE GHOST OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN was the result. And while the original film was almost thirty minutes long, most viewers only saw an 11 minute movie culled from the original footage. But what an exciting eleven minutes it was for filmgoers in 1918. Paid admissions were quite brisk. This large poster was made to draw folks into the original exhibitions. The artist Potter has placed three dinosaurs including a classy Tyrannosaurus Rex in an ancient landscape. A stone lithograph of the first order. We know of one other example of this poster. Very very rare. Condition is very good, with some touchup to the folds and some work on the edges of the poster. Gigantic, majestic, original, vintage, authentic. On linen. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.


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