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Warner Brothers Original Italian 19x17 Group of six fotos Good to Fine Plus Condition

A group of six original Italian fotos for the Robert Wise ancient Greek epic, HELEN OF TROY (1956) starring Rossana Podesta, Jacques Sernas, Niall MacGinnis, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. The Warner Brothers version of the tale of Homer's Iliad spins the story so that the Trojans are the heroic peace loving people trapped in a war with the bellicose Greeks. In the middle of all this, and the cause of it, was the rather beautiful Rossana Podesta. Podesta was new to American films, and Warners had high hopes for her, but her English was so broken that they elected to have her voice - and the voice of Sernas - dubbed. The film was rather a magnificent flop for Warners, but over the years it has garnered a revered place as a guilty pleasure. Wise stages the battles with the help of some marvelous second unit directors with skill, and the "forbidden" love between Paris and Helen ignited the screen. The movie was filmed in Italy and here are six of the Italian fotos from the movie. These range in condition from good to fine plus, but at least five of these are choice scenes. These were used in a cinema and show general signs of wear as well as some pinholes and small tears. The printer is shown as Vecchioni and Guadagno and the fotos are dated December 1955. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions. We are open to selling individual fotos from this group, but you are asked to contact us about it.

ROBERT WISE - Director
Sir Cedric Hardwicke - Actor
Rossana Podesta - Actor
Sir Stanley Baker - Actor
Robert Douglas - Actor
Torin Thatcher - Actor
Harry Andrews - Actor
Jacques Sernas - Actor
Nora Swinburne - Actor
Janette Scott - Actor
Ronald Lewis - Actor
Brigitte Bardot - Actor
Eduardo Ciannelli - Actor
Edmond Purdom - Actor

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