HELL TO ETERNITY (1960) 28315

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Allied Artists Original U.S. 24 sheet poster Exterior Billboard 9 x 20 feet Fine Condition

Allied Artists Original U.S. 24 sheet poster (9 x 20 feet) for the Phil Karlson directed war movie HELL TO ETERNITY (1960) starring Jeffrey Hunter, Vic Damone, David Janssen, George Takei. This is one of those real blood and guts movies about United States Marines in combat. This exterior billboard is very large. It is printed on twelve different panels which are joined together to present as one poster. 24 sheets were, in general, the largest size U.S. film posters. This poster was never used, but exists in fine condition, and should be regarded as gently worn. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. poster for this movie. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.

Jeffrey Hunter - Actor
Vic Damone - Actor
David Janssen - Actor
George Takei - Actor

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