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Universal Pictures Silent Scene Lobby Card (11x14). Fine Condition.

Original Universal Pictures Scene Lobby Card (11x14) for the Melvin Brown silent comedy, HER BIG NIGHT (1926) starring Laura La Plante, Einar Hansen, and Zasu Pitts. The synopsis of HER BIG NIGHT on the American Film Insititute's website gives a great overview of the film: "Tom Barrett, a motion picture press agent, noting Frances Norcross' resemblance to film star Daphne Dix, offers her passes to the star's personal appearance. While waiting for her fiance, Johnny Young, Frances is offered $1,000 to impersonate Daphne and successfully appears in her place, assuaging the fears of Myers, a producer, who knows Daphne is with millionaire Harmon on a yacht. Reporter J. Q. Adams has his suspicions aroused and sends a cub reporter to impersonate Daphne's husband. At Daphne's apartment, Adams arrives and presses Barrett for an interview with the star. Frances is confronted by the reporter and manages to bluff her way; Harmon arrives to ask forgiveness, and he is followed by his wife, then Johnny, both demanding explanations. Frances exchanges places with the real Daphne, and, after she explains, all ends happily." The card is graded as fine condition because the corner has been chipped on the lower left. Only the border area of the card is affected. Einar Hanson appears on the card with Laura LaPlante.

Laura La Plante - Actor
Einar Hanson - Actor
ZaSu Pitts - Actor
Tully Marshall - Actor

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