HOUSE-RENT PARTY (1946) 2651 Toddy Pictures Separate Cinema Lobby Card Fine

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Original U.S. Lobby Card (11x14) Fine Condition

Original Toddy Pictures Company U.S. lobby card for the Sam Newfield directed comedy HOUSE-RENT PARTY (1946). Newfield directed, but the script was written by Newfield and Ted Toddy, the man who owned Toddy Pictures. The company was distributing films as early the early thirties, but by the 1940s they were producing short subjects and features as well as doing distribution for other black producers. HOUSE-RENT PARTY was typical of the kinds of amusing comedies that the company was making in the mid-forties. These so-called "race films" played in a network of theaters across the U.S. The film stars Dewey "Pigmeat" Markham, John "Rastus" Murray, Alfred Cortez, David Bethea, Rudy Toombs and the famous calypso musician The Lord Invador. A writer at imdb has given us a nice synopsis: " Shorty's wife throws him out of the house for lying around reading detective thrillers and letting his boss Pigmeat get away with not paying him for the work he does at Pigmeat's barber shop in Harlem. He runs into Pigmeat on the street and asks for the money he's owed, but Pigmeat winds up convincing him that not only does he not owe Shorty any salary, but he actually overpays Shorty $1.25 a week. Later, Shorty reads about a jewel thief on the loose in Harlem and that there's a reward of $1,000 for his capture. He convinces Pigmeat that the two of them can catch this guy, collect the reward and then become famous detectives. Complications ensue." This lobby shows Dewey Markham in a barbershop with two other actors. The card is in fine condition. There are a couple of tiny pinholes, but nothing that would mar the card. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this lobby card is an authentic U.S. lobby for this film. MovieArt Austin does not sell reproductions.


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