KING & COUNTRY (1964) 1133

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Original Polish Poster (27x41). Art by Stanislaw Zamecznik. Very Good Condition.

Original Polish Poster (27x41) for the Joseph Losey WWI courtroom drama, KING & COUNTRY (1964) starring Tom Courtenay, Leo McKern, Dirk Bogarde and Barry Foster. Courtney, always perfect in this type of role, plays a shell-shocked Army Private who deserts after a gruesome assault on his unit eventually facing trail for desertion. He becomes a symbolic scapegoat for a normal reaction to the horrors of war. Poster design features an image of a military cap literally "hung out to dry." With artwork by Stanislaw Zamecznik, this original Polish poster is in very good condition, with a 2" chip missing from the upper right border.

Sir Dirk Bogarde - Actor
Sir Tom Courtenay - Actor
Barry Foster - Actor
James Villiers - Actor
Jeremy Spenser - Actor
Leo McKern - Actor

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