LA DOLCE VITA (1961) 7053

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Original Italian First Release foto 19x26 Very Fine Condition

First Italian release (Cineriz). The ensemble cast is shown is various states of revelry and/or degradation. A rockin' party to be sure. The film depicts seven days (and nights) in the life of an Italian journalist (Mastroianni), who is torn between making something serious of his life or drifting along on a pleasant stream of casual affairs and meaningless work. Fellini gives us a wonderful chronicle of a decadent society where there are no real values other than alcohol and sex, and no solutions except suicide. Fellini's widescreen look at Roman life at the beginning of the sixties mirrors Hollywood's fascination with historical Roman epics of the period. LA DOLCE VITA is, quite simply, one of the most famous films in the history of the cinema. It created a sensation when it was released. A landmark score by Nino Rota leaves an indelible imprint in the minds of all who see this film for the first time. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Director for Fellini, Best Screenplay, and Best Art Direction. It won the Oscar for Best Costume Design. This foto is one of the posters included in the foto busta. Absolutely authentic. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions.

Anita Ekberg - Actor
Marcello Mastroianni - Actor
Lex Barker - Actor
Jacques Sernas - Actor
Nadia Gray - Actor
Anouk Aimee - Actor
Yvonne Furneaux - Actor
Alain Cuny - Actor
Magali Noel - Actor
Ida Galli - Actor

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