LONG, LONG TRAILER, THE (1954) 9502 Movie Poster (20x60) Rare Door Panel Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Vincente Minnelli

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Original 20x60 Door Panel Linen-Backed Very Fine Condition

Original MGM U.S. 20x60 door panel for the Vincente Minnelli comedy, THE LONG, LONG TRAILER (1954) starring Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Marjorie Main and Keenan Wynn. Lucille Ball had been in films since the mid-thirties when she worked first at RKO and then became Technicolor Tessie at MGM. Her beautiful red hair and Technicolor's vivid hues were made for each other. But while she was well known, and adept both at lighthearted fare (BEST FOOT FORWARD ) and dramatic roles (THE BIG STREET), she was never really a first tier movie star. Her great fame and amazing career came from that box in the Living Room of the American Public, TV. I LOVE LUCY was already a ratings sensation on CBS television when MGM wanted to present the Arnazes in color on the big screen once again, and oddly in the little-used AnscoColor. The characters in THE LONG, LONG, TRAILER were not exactly the Lucy and Desi of I LOVE LUCY, but they were close enough. It was the fabulous fifties and what newlyweds would not want to strike out and bicker across the beautiful American West pulling a 40 foot trailer with a Mercury V-8? THE LONG, LONG TRAILER gave TV audiences a chance to see the small screen's biggest stars big once again - but the results were mixed. The film was amusing, but not really as wildly funny as the Ricardos. Nevertheless, Lucy-Desi fans remember this film fondly. MGM would pair Lucy and Desi one more time in FOREVER DARLING (1956) The three sheet stresses the romantic pairing between the two enormously famous TV stars.

Lucille Ball - Actor
Desi Arnaz - Sr. - Actor
Marjorie Main - Actor
Keenan Wynn - Actor
Oliver Blake - Actor
Howard McNear - Actor

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