LOST KUNG FU SECRETS (1979) 26668 Movie Poster Taiwan Martial Arts Film

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Tin Ping Film Company Original U.S. Poster (25x38) Folded Very Fine Condition

Original U.S. Poster (25x38) for the 1979 martial arts film THE LOST KUNG FU SECRETS. The film was written and directed by Chi Lo. The internet movie database gives this synopsis: "When an evil warlord tries to control the masses by using Christianity as a cover for his secret agenda, an earnest martial arts master (David Chiang) vows to expose the warlord's ultimate, deadly goal - to assassinate the Emperor. Filled to the brim with thrilling fights." The film features a host of martial arts practitioners including David Chiang, Feng Hsu, Paul Chang, Chiu Ming Chen and others. The film was produced in Taiwan and its Taiwanese title is TIE GONG GIE. MovieArt Austin guarantees this poster is an authentic U.S. release poster for this movie. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions.

CHI LO - Director

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