MAN IN THE SADDLE (1951) 25476

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Original Italian 2-Foglio 39x55 Folded Fine Plus Condition

One of the very best Italian western two-foglios, this poster features art by Anselmo Ballester -- although the poster does not show his signature. Randolph Scott and Joan Leslie star in the western directed by Andre DeToth. This poster really has it all. This poster was used in an Italian cinema and shows very general signs of wear, but it will restore quite beautifully. Joan Leslie is apprehensive, Randolph Scott emerges from the shadows and a horse and rider are shown against the proverbial sunset. Spectacular. Absolutely authentic. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions.

ANDRE DE TOTH - Director
Randolph Scott - Actor
Joan Leslie - Actor
Ellen Drew - Actor
Alexander Knox - Actor
John Russell - Actor
Guinn "Big Boy" Williams - Actor
Rosa Turich - Actor
Richard Rober - Actor
Alfoso Bedoya - Actor
Rosa Turich - Actor
Blackie Whiteford - Actor

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