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Original 20th Century Fox Three Sheet Poster (41x81). Folded. Very Fine Plus Condition.

Original 20th Century-Fox Three Sheet Poster (41x81) for the Harold Medford documentary, MARILYN (1963) featuring Marilyn Monroe and narrated by Rock Hudson. This excellent but often overlooked documentary is a compilation of clips from Monroe's movies for Fox starting from her beginnings as a bit player in A TICKET TO TOMAHAWK (1950) to final role in SOMETHING'S GOT TO GIVE (1962), a film that was never finished. Monroe's erratic behavior pushed the film to more than $1 million over budget in just a few weeks of filming; so, Fox fired Monroe. But when co-star Dean Martin refused to work with anybody else, Fox rehired Monroe. When Monroe died in August of 1962, Fox decided to scrap the whole project. This original three sheet poster is folded and in very fine plus condition.

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