ME, NATALIE (1969) 21896

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Original National General Pictures Window Card (14x22). Unfolded. Very Fine.

Original National General Pictures Window Card (14x22) for the Fred Coe coming of age comedy, ME, NATALIE (1969) starring Patty Duke, James Farentino, Martin Balsam, and Elsa Lanchester. Set in the late 1960s, Duke grapples with post-adolescence throughout the film and wins the Golden Globe for Best Actress for her memorable performance. As a relative misfit, Duke must discover what works for her as she enters adulthood. Although her performance alone carries the film, she is surrounded by a terrific supporting cast. This original window card is unfolded and in very fine condition.

FRED COE - Director
Patty Duke - Actor
James Farentino - Actor
Salome Jens - Actor
Elsa Lanchester - Actor
Martin Balsam - Actor

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