MERRILL'S MARAUDERS (1961) 14253 Exterior Billboard 24-sheet 9x24 feet

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Warner Brothers Original U.S. 24 sheet Exterior Billboard 9x20 feet Folded Good Plus Condition

Original Warner Brothers Exterior Billboard, also known as a 24-sheet poster, for the Samuel Fuller war drama, MERRILL'S MARAUDERS (1962) starring Jeff Chandler, Ty Hardin, Andrew Duggan, Will Hutchins, and Peter Brown. The film was directed by the wonderful Samuel Fuller. In his final film and one of his best performances, Chandler plays General Merrill, who leads 3,000 American volunteers behind Japanese lines, fighting pitched battles at every turn. This was the last film of Jeff Chandler. Sadly, Chandler suffered a back injury at the end of the filming and died from complications with anesthesia after three unsuccessful operations. His death was deemed malpractice and resulted in a large lawsuit and settlement for his children. This 24 sheet poster is quite large - 9 feet by 20 feet - and was printed on 12 separate panels. These panels are intended to be joined together to present as one poster. These types of posters were often used for exterior advertising. Relatively few 24 sheets have survived, as film posters go, because of the special nature of their use and because they were generally discarded after a film's first distribution was concluded. MovieArt Austin guarantees that the poster is a vintage, authentic poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

Jeff Chandler - Actor
Ty Hardin - Actor
Peter Brown - Actor
Andrew Duggan - Actor
Will Hutchins - Actor
Claude Akins - Actor
John Hoyt - Actor
Pancho Magalona - Actor

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