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Signed Printed LIthograph of Ballet Dancer Mikhail Mordkin circa 1920s Condition Fair

Mikhail Mordkin (aka Mordkine) was a ballet dancer and a ballet teacher. He was born in Russia on December 9, 1880 and graduated from the Bolshoi school in 1899. In the same year he was appointed the Ballet Master. He was a member of Diaghilev's company, and danced with Anna Pavlova. He settled in the United States in 1924 and formed his own Ballet Companies. He is regarded as being important not only as a principal dancer in his day, but also because of his role in the development of the study of ballet in the United States. This is not a photograph, but rather a lithograph. There were probably multiples of these perhaps used to answer corrrespondence from fans. This lithograph is signed in black pen. This photograph was from the estate of Mr. Louis Novy, a Texas businessman in the cinema exhibition business. MovieArt Austin acquired this lithograph, which is quite unusual from Mr. Novy's grandson. The fact that the item is a lithograph and not a photograph is somewhat unusual. The lithograph is signed to Mr. Novy.

Mikhail Mordkin - Actor

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