MOMENT TO MOMENT (1965) 13198

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Universal Original Three Sheet Poster (41x81) Folded Average Used Condition

Universal Original Three Sheet Movie Poster for the Mervyn LeRoy directed film MOMENT TO MOMENT (1965). The film stars Jean Seberg, Honor Blackman and Sean Garrison. The was the last film of Mervyn LeRoy and it is a story of a woman who has an affair that leads to a shooting. This film was conceived as a woman's film, and several actresses including Julie Andrews, Audrey Hepburn and even Grace Kelly were considered for the role. But it was Jean Seberg who was selected. Honor Blackman, who was just coming off the production of GOLDFINGER was also chosen for the cast. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic three sheet for this film. Three sheets are large format posters which are comprised of two panels which are joined together to make one poster. This poster was used in a theater and the condition should be regarded as average-used. MovieArt will sell NO reproductions. Vintage, authentic.

MERVYN LeROY - Director
Jean Seberg - Actor
Honor Blackman - Actor
Sean Garrison - Actor
Arthur Hill - Actor
Gregoire Aslan - Actor
Donald Woods - Actor
Walter Reed - Actor

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