NEVADA BADMEN (1951) 30663 Movie Poster (27x41) Whip Wilson Fuzzy Knight I. Stanford Jolley Phyllis Coates Jim Bannon Lewis D. Collins

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Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster (27x41) Folded Very Good Condition

Monogram PIctures Original U.S. One-Sheet Poster, folded and in very good condition, for the Lewis D. Collins directed western film NEVADA BADMEN (1951). The film stars one of the mainstays of the B-Western circuit, Whip Wilson. A serviceable actor for western fare, Wilson was accompanied on this film by one of the better sidekicks, Fuzzy Knight. The film also stars I. Stanford Jolley, Phyllis Coates and Jim Bannon. This is the kind of film that Monogram made plenty of, the good guys chase the bad guys. The poster is probably better than the film, typical of the kind of western movie posters that kids would see at the Saturday matinett. Condition is very good, folded. Colors are vivid. MovieArt Original Film Posters in Austin, Texas does not sell reproductions.

Whip Wilson - Actor
Fuzzy Knight - Actor
I. Stanford Jolley - Actor
Phyllis Coates - Actor
Jim Bannon - Actor

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