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Eagle-Lion Original U.S. Half Sheet Poster (22x28) Rolled Fine Plus Condition Style B

Eagle-Lion Original U.S. Half-Sheet poster, style B, rolled, for the Ida Lupino directed medical drama NEVER FEAR (1949) starring Sally Forrest, Keefe Brasselle, Eve Miller, Lawrence Dobkin, Rita Lupino, and, in his first role in a motion picture, Hugh O'Brian. Forrest is a young dancer and Brasselle is her dancing partner and fiance. Her promising career is cut short when she contracts polio. Brasselle is willing to see her through the disease, but Forrest knows she must seek the help of others in her situation. The film was shot at the Kabat-Kaiser Institute in Santa Monica, California. Patients with polio and the medical professionals who treat them were made part of the almost documentary-like precision of the production. O'Brian plays a young man who has contracted polio and helps Forrest with her struggle. . And polio was something that Ida Lupino knew something about, having contracted the disease in 1934. Her case was relatively mild, and her only persisting symptoms was a slight problem with one leg and one hand. But because of this first hand knowledge she was able to write a realistic screenplay with her co-writer Collier Young. The film was produced through her production company, The Filmmakers. Because of the fearful subject matter, and the fact that in 1949, the U.S. was in the throws of a polio epidemic, the film did not make money for The Filmmakers. But Lupino's reputation as a filmmaker has only increased with the years. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic, U.S. half-sheet, style B for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

IDA LUPINO - Director
Sally Forrest - Actor
Keefe Brasselle - Actor
Hugh O'Brian - Actor
Eve Miller - Actor
Rita Lupino - Actor

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