NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) 915 Movie Poster (22x28) David Selby Grayson Hall Kate Jackson David Thayer

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Original MGM Half Sheet Poster (22x28). Unfolded. Very Fine.

Original MGM Half Sheet Poster (22x28) for the Dan Curtis horror thriller, NIGHT OF DARK SHADOWS (1971) starring David Selby, Grayson Hall, and Kate Jackson. In this sequel to HOUSE OF DARK SHADOWS (1970), a painter and his wife move into a home and find themselves plagued by ancestral spirits that used to be witches. This is an effective ghost story that is both well acted and beautifully photographed. The excellent cast exhibits great chemistry, thanks to the fact that they had all worked together on the ÒDark ShadowsÓ TV series before they made this film. This original one sheet poster is in very good condition. This original half sheet poster is unfolded and in very fine condition.

DAN CURTIS - Director
David Selby - Actor
Grayson Hall - Actor
Kate Jackson - Actor
Thayer David - Actor

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