OUTLAND (1981) 15394 Movie Poster 16x20 Color LIthograph of Sean Connery Fine Condition

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Original Warner Brothers Oversized Color Still Photograph (16x20). Fine Condition.

Original Warner Brothers Oversized Color Still Photograph (16x20) for the Peter Hyams science fiction thriller, OUTLAND (1981) starring Sean Connery, Peter Boyle, and Frances Sternhagen. After leaving the James Bond franchise in 1971, it was this film that started Connery on a comeback trail that culminated in his Best Supporting Actor Oscar for THE UNTOUCHABLES (1987) six years later. In this film Connery plays the role of Police Marshal William O'Niel, who is transferred to a mining outpost located on Io, one of Jupiter's moons. He is assigned to investigate the violent deaths of miners and discovers they all died of drug overdoses. As he sets out to find the drug dealers, he finds that he is the target of hired assassins. This film had one of the best production designs of any science fiction film, presenting the outpost mining community not as some "utopia" but rather as a dirty, grimy, nasty, and dangerous hellhole. This original color still is in fine condition.

Peter Boyle - Actor
Sir Sean Connery - Actor
PETER HYAMS - Director
James Berwick - Actor

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