PEEPING TOM (1961) 20390

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Original Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors British Quad Poster (30x40). Folded . Very fine.

Original Anglo Amalgamated Film Distributors British Quad Poster (30x40) for the Michael Powell horror thriller, PEEPING TOM (1960) starring Karlheinz Bohm, Moira Shearer, and Anna Massey. This lurid tale chronicles a lonely, unfriendly, and sexually repressed young man (Bohm), who is obsessed with the effects of fear and uses his movie camera to film the dying expressions of terror on the women he kills. Director Powell positions his camera directly behind murderer Mark, thus making the audience unwilling accomplices in these despicable acts of violence. Whatever the real reason for Powell making this film, he signed his career's death warrant with its release. The film opened to scathing reviews in April 1960, just months after Alfred Hitchcock's similarly themed PSYCHO (1960). Powell made only one more film before exiling himself to Australia. This original British quad poster is folded and in very fine condition, with only some minor fold distresses and separations.

Moira Shearer - Actor
Carl Bohm - Actor
Michael Goodliffe - Actor

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