PHARAOH'S CURSE (1957) 2451 Movie Posters A Group of Lobby Cards Mark Dana Ziva Shapir Kurt Katch Lee Sholem

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Original United Artists Set Of Five Scene Lobby Cards (11x14). Very Good Condition.

Original United Artists Set of Five Scene Lobby Cards (11x14) for the Lee Sholem horror classic, PHARAOH'S CURSE (1957) starring Mark Dana, Ziva Rodann, Diane Brewster, and George N. Neise. After archeologists in Egypt unleash a 3,000-year-old curse by entering the tomb of the Pharaoh, they discover that one of their crew has turned into a blood-sucking mummy who drains the blood one by one of the other crewmembers. The mummy actually looks pretty scary with a shriveled face, dried-out skin, and a general rotting appearance. This set of five scene cards is in very good condition with only some minor rust stains, pinholes, creasing, and surface and edge wear.

LEE SHOLEM - Director
Mark Dana - Actor
Ziva Shapir - Actor
Kurt Katch - Actor

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