POSTCARDS FROM AMERICA (1994) 26427 Movie Poster Rolled Michael Imperioli David Johansen Steve McLean

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Original Strand Releasing One Sheet Poster (27x41). Folded. Very Fine.

Original Strand Releasing One Sheet Poster (27x41) for the Steve McLean drama, POSTCARDS FROM AMERICA (1994) starring James Lyons, Michael Tighe, and Olmo Tighe. This biographical drama is about a man who spent his teenage years as a Times Square hustler and much of his later life on the road trading sex for whatever. The style of the film is not sequential. Rather, it skips through time, mixing scenes from his childhood, teenage years, and later years on the road. This original one sheet poster is folded and in very fine condition. MovieArt Austin guarantees that this poster is an authentic U.S. one-sheet poster for this film. MovieArt Austin will sell no reproductions.

STEVE McLEAN - Director
Michael Imperioli - Actor
David Johansen - Actor

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