PRISON BARS (1901) 25773

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Walter Barnsdale One Sheet Poster Never Folded Near Mint Condition RARE

One of the earliest film posters we know of. PRISON BARS (1901) was essentially a documentary film, though it may have ranged into docu-drama. Filmed at the Wisconsin State Women's Prison. The film was distributed by Walter Barnsdale. Barnsdale was born in England but emigrated to the United States. He was a very early pioneer in filmmaking and this poster dates from 1901! This is probably the earliest poster that we have in our inventory. The poster is a one-sheet size, and the condition is spectacularly good, particularly for a poster that is as old as it is. The film was a documentary of sorts. Barndale took his camera into the Wisconsin State Prison and photographed the inmates. Barnsdale was also an early exhibitor and he traveled with his films, a projector and a generator to rural areas to show this magical thing called cinema to people who had never experienced anything like it. MovieArt guarantees this poster to be authentic. MovieArt Austin will sell NO reproductions. This poster is extremely RARE.


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