RISKY BUSINESS (1983) 1001

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Original Warner Brothers Insert Poster (14x36). Rolled. Very Fine Condition.

Original Warner Brothers Insert Poster (14x36) for the Paul Brickman coming-of-age sex comedy, RISKY BUSINESS (1983), starring Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay. This film made Tom Cruise a star; indeed, he was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor as the Chicago teenager looking for fun while his parents are away. Who can forget his sexy solo dance to the Bob Seger song "Old Time Rock and Roll." There are many wonderful supporting roles in the film, especially Nicholas Pryor and Janet Carroll who are hilarious caricatures as Cruise's yuppie parents. The cinematography is often mesmerizing (especially during Cruise's and De Mornay's sexual encounters) and enhanced by the hypnotic musical score by Tangerine Dream. This original insert poster is rolled and in very fine condition.

Tom Cruise - Actor
Rebecca De Mornay - Actor

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