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Argentinean Reissue of 1964. Approx 29x43. Trimmed. Stone lithograph

Argentinean re-release poster (1964 for the Alfred Hitchcock mystery thriller, ROPE (1948) starring James Stewart, Joan Chandler, John Dall, and Farley Granger. Brandon (Dall) and Phillip (Granger) strangle their ÒinferiorÓ classmate, hide his body in their apartment, and invite his friends and family to a dinner party. As the evening wears on, Brandon becomes ever more bolder, while Phillip begins to regret what they have done. The plot is simple, the characters complex, and HitchcockÕs treatment of the Leopold and Loeb parallel quite deft. This Argentinean poster has a good image of Hitchcock, rendered in stone lithography, along with James Stewart on the poster. Folded with very few distresses. However, this poster was for some reason trimmed in the border area. While it certainly could be displayed as is, it could also have the borders restored by a good paper conservator.

James Stewart - Actor
John Dall - Actor
Farley Granger - Actor
Sir Cedric Hardwicke - Actor
Joan Chandler - Actor
Constance Collier - Actor
Douglas Dick - Actor
Edith Evanson - Actor
Douglas Dick - Actor

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